Why Organic

Why Organic

Why Organic?
Organic foods are natural and pure since they are free from any sort of contamination. No chemicals simply less toxic material for the body to process and dispose. Organic promotes green planet. Importantly, genetically modified organisms are not allowed in organic agriculture.

Organic farming strictly limits the use of artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Antibiotics for animals are kept to an absolute minimum. Instead it emphasizes farming methods such as crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and natural pest-control systems.

Tastes Great: Well-balanced soil grows strong and healthy crops that are wholesome and contain the required nutrient in the right proportions. Hence they tastes great, gives aroma, more nutritious and digestive.

Reduce Health Risks: Research has linked many approved pesticides with cancer and other diseases. Organic agriculture is the only way to keep them from getting into our body thus reducing health risks.

Our Tomorrow Our Children: Children are four times more susceptible than adults to cancer causing pesticides in food. Give them a wholesome life with organic.

No Chemicals In Your Daily Diet: Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill living organisms and are harmful for humans. Organic farming makes sure you have no chemicals in your daily diet. All these make Organic food taste better. They contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventional food.

Protect The Earth: We lose billions of tons of topsoil due to conventional agricultural practices. Organic farming brings back the health of the soil.
Prevent Water Contamination: Pesticides and chemo-synthetic fertilizers used in conventional farming are estimated to pollute the primary sources of drinking water to 60-70% of the country’s population. Organic farming prevents water contamination.

Preserve Diversity: Loss of large variety of species (biodiversity) is a result of one crop being produced on the same soil year after year. Organic farming counteracts the loss

Help The Small Farmers: Organic farming can be a lifeline for small farmers because it offers an alternative market where he can get a fair price.

Stay In Harmony With Nature: Organic practices respect the need for healthy eco-system; including forage crops, retaining fence- rows, wetlands and other natural areas, encourages wild life.

The official position
As per a Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) study of mid-2003, India had 1,426 certified organic farms producing approximately 14,000 tons of organic food / produce annually. In 2005, as per Govt. of India figures, approximately 190,000 acres (77,000 hectares) were under organic cultivation. The total production of organic food in India as per the same reference was 120,000 tons annually, though this largely included certified forest collections.

Organic and Desi Cow Culture Consulting:

We are networked with huge resource pool of knowledge who has contributed to develop models of organically sustainable agriculture formats. Enthusiasts all over have been seeking such knowledge. Through Desi Utthana, we are creating a platform for extended consulting support to farmers who want to migrate to organic agriculture.

Realisation of the best quality of Desi Cow milk, named A2 technically for its Beta Casein protein content, is triggering a new dimension in organic agriculture and Farmer economics. Desi Utthana has taken up promotion of Desi Cow Breed promotion , A2 Milk promotion along with Tract Development and Management company who are created a successful economically viable rural enterprise around Bengaluru.

Supporting Desi Cow Breeds in agriculture has been a proven solution to economically empower small and marginal farmers as they have multiple economic streams developing through cows. Cow urine, organic manure through dung, growing organic fruits and vegetables and also, cow products like butter and ghee fetching high value in the market for both healthy consumption and Ayurvedic medicinal value- comprehensively stand by farmers’ development.

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